The VICE Disposable Vape by Halo


Halo presents an amazing disposable e-cig called the VICE.

The VICE measures at 76mm by 10mm by 9mm, no bigger than a USB stick and weighs as light as a feather.

On the bottom of the device users can view a battery light indicator along with a 1mm by 1mm airflow intake slot.

Located on the top of the VICE is a tapered mouthpiece that is built to the device.

Powering the VICE is a 230mAh built-in battery, when the charge runs out, users can dispose the device responsibly.

The battery power pairs perfectly with the 1.8 ohm atomizer resistance coil that VICE utilizes.

Flavors - 

  • Vanilla Custard - 50mg
    Vanilla Custard is a sweet delicious dessert with amazing flavor.

    Tribeca Tobacco - 50mg
    Tribeca has set the industry standard with the flavor of smooth, transcendent tobacco harmoniously blended with the perfect hint of vanilla and caramel to generate an exquisite, sweet finish.

    Subzero - 50mg
    Subzero Menthol  exhibits an intense, cool mint effect three times more powerful than any other menthol flavor. 

    Mango Mint - 50mg
    Mango Mint is a tropical paradise that brings cool breeze to your taste buds.